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You can be a Children's Champion!

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There are many ways to promote the wellbeing of Lake County's youngest children.

First 5 Lake and its local partners are always looking for community members who want to learn, contribute, volunteer, and advocate for young children and families.

Join the Children's Council

This group meets four times each year, working as a child abuse prevention task force.

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Become a Foster Parent

Vulnerable children in our community need caring and responsible adults and stable environments.

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Be a Family-Friendly Employer

If you employ parents, there are policies that can help them succeed at work and at home.


Become a CASA Volunteer

Court Appointed Special Advocates speak up for children when they need a voice in court.

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Child abuse and neglect

If you see something, SAY SOMETHING!

If you suspect that a child's health or safety is jeopardized due to absence, neglect or maltreatment by parents or another caretaker who has custody of the child, contact Lake County Child Welfare Services.

24 HOUR HOTLINE: 800-386-4090

Attend a Local Training

First 5 Lake provides Title IV-E trainings for foster parents and local service providers who work with families who are at-risk. We also share information about trainings related to positive outcomes for children that are offered by our local and regional partners.

Family Dynamics & Child Development

The Father Factor

Friday, October 23rd, 11am-12:30pm - an online training featuring Linebacker Dad to increase father engagement.

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Communication Skills

The Power of YOU

Thurs, November 19th, 11am-12:00pm - an online training about 6 types of involvement and influence with families.

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Building Resilience

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Tuesday, December 8th, 10am-12pm - developing a growth mindset and teaching families to do the same

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