Commission Documents

In accordance with California's Brown Act, and to promote transparency and public participation, First 5 Lake is happy to provide the following documentation of its affairs.  Links to agendas and all meeting documents are posted at least 72 hours in advance of each regular meeting on the homepage of this website, and at the County Courthouse building.

Prior Year

Meeting Minutes

Minutes are taken at each meeting and approved at each subsequent meeting. Approved minutes are posted here. 

Previous Years Meeting Docs

Most Recent

Annual Audit

First 5 Lake undergoes an annual fiscal and policy audit and posts results here as well as submits findings to the State.

View 2020-21 Audit

Most Recent

Annual Program Evaluation

First 5 Lake contracts with an independent consultant to provide an annual evaluation of program impacts.

View 2020-21 Annual Report


Strategic Plan

First 5 Lake makes budgetary decisions based on its 5-year Strategic Plan, updated annually.

View Strategic Plan

Current First 5 Lake Commissioners

Tina Scott - First 5 Lake Chairperson, County of Lake District 4 Supervisor (mandated)
Carol Huchingson - Interim Director of Health Services, County of Lake (mandated)
Crystal Markytan - Director of Social Services, County of Lake (mandated)
Brock Falkenberg - Superintendent of Schools, Lake County (mandated)
Carly Sherman - First 5 Lake Vice Chair, Educational Specialist, Lake County Office of Education (term ends 08/2023)
Allison Panella - Mother of children under the age of five (term ends 08/2023)
Fawn Rave - Education Director, Robinson Rancheria (term ends 08/2022)
Tarin Benson - Coordinator of Student Services, Konocti Unified School District (term ends 06/2023)
Justin Gaddy - Father of a child under the age of five (term ends 06/2023)
First 5 Lake


The First 5 Lake Commission operates under State Statute and Code, Local Ordinance, and Internal By-Laws
First 5 lake

Meetings During Emergency Conditions

The First 5 Lake Commission conducts its meetings in accordance with Brown Act requirements. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Brown Act requirements were adjusted to allow virtual meetings under Executive Orders of the Governor. As of October 1, 2021, Assembly Bill 361 is in effect and the Executive Order has expired. Per the requirements of the bill, First 5 Lake will decide every 30 days whether or not an existing proclaimed state of emergency necessitates meetings be held virtually rather than in-person.
  • Assembly Bill 361 

    Authorized modified teleconference use without meeting all Brown Act requirements  during a proclaimed state of emergency where meeting in person would present risks to the health or safety of attendees. 

    Link to current First 5 Lake AB 361 Resolution